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ZeekRay, like “music ray” or verlan of “crazy”, a double-meaning-pseudonym for a rapper with a unique personality.

Describing himself as shy, plagued by externalizing difficulties impeding a quest for self, at age 26, the young man has everything of the tortured artist and the potential that goes with it.

In the late 90s, he discovered hip-hop culture and fell in love with rap, French first especially thanks to MC Solaar, before quickly preferring rap from across the Atlantic , embodied by Eminem , Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Nas, to name a few.
When, at 10 years old, he entered in the 1st year of middle school, his parents chose to leave Montreuil (93) for the bourgeois Saint-Mandé (94). In front of such a radical change, music became his only landmark.
In 2003, the breakthrough of 50 Cent and the general excitement around American rap finished to convince him to try the discipline. Posing naturally in the language of Shakespeare on dedicated instrumentals.
After a scientific baccalaureate obtained with honors, he continued his studies, but unmotivated, with the first two years of a B.Sc. in computer science that he finally gave up. Quickly caught up with economic realities and a growing unease under the weight of existential questions, rap made again figure of refuge. Turning away from the influences of the Stars and Stripes, dominated by ” dirty south “, to return to French rap. Also pushed by a need to be understood.
Haunted by his old demons, he represses his ambitions. Then follows four years of a slow dive in the throes of depression from which he appears grown up today, guided by faith and his loved ones’ unconditional support. And through music, his forever love.
Therefore it is only in 2012 that he took the step to launch his career. Assiduously hooking up with the microphone of the recording booth in order to give birth to 2000KRAYZ, supposed to be released in 2013. This album, conceived as a retrospective of introduction, leaves the rapper a feeling of incompleteness that holds him to make it public. But allows him to turn the page on a troubled past to better foresee the future.
Two years later, he is about to deliver his second album, 2Bak, with the intention to get a place in the rap game and never let it go.

Fan of puns, with a flower of skin sensibility, ZeekRay is a worthy representative of these street poets combining technical mastery and meaningful lyrics. In other words, the revival of French rap.